Current & Upcoming Events

List of Events 2020


Jan 14            APCC Board Meeting 7pm

Jan 15            APCC General Membership Meeting

Jan 20                 Relay for Life Fundraiser

Jan 25                 Poor Man’s New Year Eve

Feb 5               First Wednesday Luncheon  11-1

Feb 6                    Wild game Dinner

Feb 11            APCC Board Meeting

Feb 19            APCC Dinner Membership Meeting

Feb 25            Paczki Day

Feb 26            Seafood Dinners – Ash Wednesday

March 4          First Wednesday Luncheon 11-1

March 10        APCC Board Meeting

March 14        St Paddy and St Joe Party

March 18        APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

April 1             First Wednesday Luncheon 11-1

April 6             Ham and Lamb Party

April 10           Good Friday Seafood Dinners

April 12           Breakfast w/Easter Bunny

April 14           APCC Board Meeting

April 15           APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

May 6              First Wednesday Luncheon 11-1

May 10            Mother’s Day Buffet

May 12           APCC Board Meeting

May 20            APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

May 22            Polish Night at Comerica Park

May 25            Memorial Day Parade

June 3             First Wednesday Luncheon 11-1

June 9             APCC Board Meeting

June 17          APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

July 10,11,12 American Polish Festival

July 23,24,25 Sterling Fest

August 11       APCC Board Meeting  

August 19       APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

Sept. 2            First Wednesday Luncheon

Sept. 8            APCC Board Meeting

Sept .13          George Hempel Memorial Golf Outing

Sept. 16          APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

Oct. 7              First Wednesday Luncheon 11-1

Oct. 11            Capuchin Soup Bowl

Oct. 13            APCC Board Meeting

Oct. 21            APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

Nov. 1             APCC Memorial Mass

Nov. 4             First Wednesday Luncheon

Nov. 6             Flash Back Friday!!

Nov. 10           APCC Board Meeting

Nov. 18           APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

Nov. 23            Feather Party

Dec. 2             First Wednesday Luncheon

Dec. 5             Breakfast with Santa

Dec. 6             APCC Children’s Christmas Party

Dec. 7             Wigilia Dinner

Dec. 8             APCC Board Meeting

Dec. 16           APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

Dec. 18           APCC Member’s Christmas Party

Dec. 31           New Year’s Eve Party

Polish/Seafood Dinners Every Friday (closed Memorial Day to Labor Day)

Ballroom Dancing Every Tuesday

Festival Meetings start in January

All dates subject to change