Event Calendar

List of Events 2020

Sept. 2            First Wednesday Luncheon

Sept. 8            APCC Board Meeting

Sept .13          George Hempel Memorial Golf Outing

Sept. 16          APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

Oct. 7              First Wednesday Luncheon 11-1

Oct. 11            Capuchin Soup Bowl

Oct. 13            APCC Board Meeting

Oct. 21            APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

Nov. 1             APCC Memorial Mass

Nov. 4             First Wednesday Luncheon

Nov. 6             Flash Back Friday!!

Nov. 10           APCC Board Meeting

Nov. 18           APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

Nov. 23            Feather Party

Dec. 2             First Wednesday Luncheon

Dec. 5             Breakfast with Santa

Dec. 6             APCC Children’s Christmas Party

Dec. 7             Wigilia Dinner

Dec. 8             APCC Board Meeting

Dec. 16           APCC Membership Meeting Dinner

Dec. 18           APCC Member’s Christmas Party

Dec. 31           New Year’s Eve Party

Polish/Seafood Dinners Every Friday (closed Memorial Day to Labor Day)

Ballroom Dancing Every Tuesday

Festival Meetings start in January

All dates subject to change