The American Polish Century Club, A.P.C.C., is an ethnic social and cultural organization. Its purpose is to preserve the Polish culture and promote unity among peoples of Polish descent and their descendants. Located in Macomb County, Michigan, it extends its membership to the residents of Michigan, as well as all other states. The club membership attempts to provide good fellowship and government of the Club. Consequently, the members continue to equip, maintain, alter and construct the premises as the need arises. Any member with any polish ancestry, and in good standing within the community and the authorities, is generally accepted to membership.

The club was incorporated March 28, 1961 under the laws of the State of Michigan, as a non-profit corporation. It was later named the American Polish Century Club Inc. The property was located at 33204 Maple Lane Road, Sterling Heights, Michigan and was purchased about August 1, 1963. This private home with garage and acreage underwent some minor alterations and additions during the next ten years.

The A.P.C.C. members, along with the Warren Lions Club, held a “Polish Kitchen” at Helmich Park each June for several years in the sixties and early seventies. The club also began the “Seafood Dinners,” about 1968. financing for an expanded Club building proved to be a frustrating experience. However. Eventually finances were obtained and the present structure was erected during 1993. Membership of the Club has consisted of Poles from various walks of life; from the workers, to the craftsmen and to the professionals. Over the years, to the present time, the American Polish Century Club has supported various community activities and projects, both physically and financially.

The American Polish Century Club members feel proud of their heritage, and are dedicated to preserving and promoting their Polish heritage. Love for their heritage is transmitted to their unquestioned love, devoted loyalty, and dedicated patriotism for the greatest country on earth; the United States of America. We have had a very successful Polish Festival at Freedom Hill, in Sterling Heights, Michigan, for over twenty years, held each year in July.  In 2009, we brought the festival to our own grounds.   This great event brings many thousands to enjoy Polish music, Polish food and friendship.