About Us

The American Polish Century Club (APCC) is an ethnic social and cultural organization. Its purpose is to preserve the Polish culture and promote unity among peoples of Polish descent and their descendants.

Poles are the second largest ethnic group in Michigan and are a significant part of the history of Detroit. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, Michigan is home to the third largest Polish population after New York and Illinois. The current population of Michigan’s Polish Americans is concentrated in Macomb County. Sterling Heights has become one of the centers of Polonia in Michigan since they migrated from Hamtramck.

The club is located in Sterling Heights, MI, and it extends its membership to the residents of Michigan, as well as other states. The club membership attempts to provide good fellowship and government of the club. Consequently, the members continue to support events including the annual “American Polish Festival & Craft Show” for the last thirty-four years.

The American Polish festival was founded to celebrate Polish heritage and introduce metro-Detroit residents to talented chefs, artists and musicians from around the area. The festival offers a diverse mix of local music, art and Polish/American cuisine at a very reasonable cost.

The history of the festival: The APCC members, along with the Warren Lions Club, held a “Polish Kitchen” in Heimlich Park each June for several years in the sixties and early seventies. After that, they hosted the APCC Mushroom Festival for several years. Outgrowing the facilities, the APCC decided to relocate the festival to Macomb County’s Freedom Hill Park.  In 2009, the Polish Festival came home, to the grounds of its club facilities in Sterling Heights.

In 2017, we had over 20,000 guests, and we’re looking forward to another great crowd this year. We have spent thousands of hours creating an event that has something to offer to everyone, in a child-friendly, safe and secure environment.

2023 Heritage Queen & Princess – Lucy Bemiss & Evelyn Kasperek

Come join us for a weekend of Polish Ethnic Pride.

And there is more to do than just Polka!

We are just a few miles north of Downtown Detroit, home to the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, Pistons and three of the largest Midwestern Vegas-style casinos.

You will not want to miss visiting Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford Museum.

Enjoy boating and fishing? We are nine miles west of Lake St. Claire, one of the world’s finest freshwater lakes.

We also have the nation’s finest shopping and retail centers within a few minutes.

And if that is not all, you are only 40 minutes away from the International crossings to Windsor or Sernia, Ontario, Canada.